About us

Sugartones love to sing! As a chorus, we practice and perfect our sound, have fun and learn together! Raising our voices in song for the benefit of others makes our harmony sweeter. We share our music with the community through charity events, local functions, public performances and competitions.

Sugartones is a member of Harmony, Inc., a non-profit international organization of barbershop singers with 80 chapters in U.S. and Canada.

We invite you to experience Sugartones and discover the performer within. You’ll make meaningful connections with other women and forever “keep a song in your heart!”

Join us Monday nights at Kingsmere Clubhouse in Alliston at 7:00 p.m. 

Contact us via email [email protected].

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors keeps the music happening by volunteering their time to keep Sugartones running smoothly!

Sugartones 2022/23 Board of Directors

                                                             The Sugartones 2022/23 Board of Directors

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